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이타카로 가는 길

곰가족의 이집트 통신 | School, Friendship, Events

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사진은 요한이가 잘 살고 있다는 증거  

School, Friendship, Events

Talent Show

The talent show is a similar event to 장기자랑, however if I would pin point one difference, it would be the scale and the significance of this event. In our school the talent show is one of the biggest events. The entrance fee is 40 L.E! Most of our entrance fees for events are normally 30 L.E, just for the record. You  may wonder where all this money goes to? It goes to CHARITY, to poorer countries in Africa, orphanages, and so on. We have a lot of bake sales and events to raise money for charity which is really nice.

This year, despite the fact that it is my first year, I have decided to participate in the talent show by singing with my friends. This event is organized by the social studies and the counselor. The counselor plays a big part in whether you have a chance in going to a good college. Anyways this event is a performance like event we practice twice a week. The teachers give us advice and comments on how we should progress our performance. I am practice very hard these days for the upcoming event. I’ll post a video of the talent show once we have it which is one February 11th.

International Day

Every International school has an international day. It is an event which is made to have more opportunities to get to know other cultures. In order to do so, we bring our country’s food, some dress as their traditional costumes, and we show others how to play each country’s games. Last but not least, one of the most impressive performances, 택권무!

Usually the Korean boys in our school are ugly, well to be more nice, not that decent looking. LOL! Well there are few exceptions. There are two boys in my grade who are very athletic, tall, and decent looking. Anyways I’m drifting off to my crushes...haha. One of them are doing 택권무 with me and my mom convinced them for 20 minutes with her super power so 3 more korean boys  joined. The tricky part is leading the rest of the 5th graders and some 3rd grader boys. WHEWWW~ It’s going to take some---- work to get it all organized.


I recently took the SATs for the talented youth for JOHN HOPKINS college. They organized a summer school and online courses for teens for who got good scores on their SATs. When I took the test that was 5 hours and 30 minutes, I was soooo nervous and I had butterflies in my stomach(expression that I was nervous). However when I thought of how the actual high schoolers who were taking their test for college, I knew that my nervousness was nothing compared to that.

Introduction of my group


As I wrote in my previous writings the groups are very distinctive here in our school. Well I’m pretty sure most schools do but still… The Egyptians, American and Indians, and the others. I’m in the Egyptian group and among them we have the boy and the girl group, but of course we the Egyptian group hangout together. The boys group is called the SHELA and the girls group is called the CLIQUE.

In one word the CLIQUE is…

We are a total of 10 people. One of my wildest friend is Leena. She is half Egyptian and half Canadian. She is very creative. When we were on our prime trips in Jordan, the time when we were staying at the desert, we weren’t allowed to go to other rooms after our curfew. But us, as the CLIQUE, to follow the rules was breaking our group rule. Hehe.. With the spirit of being rebellious we met at one room. Since we had to be quiet not to get caught Leena told a hilarious and a bit of an inappropriate story. It was one of the best stories ever! She would tell the story with us as the characters and act out the scenes.

One of the cultural differences that I felt was, a few days ago she pranked called someone with her friends, and it become a problem. Her parents found out and was really upset. But guess what?? What do you think her punishment was? One, getting her cellphone confistigated, and two, not being allowed to go to parties for one month. If it was for me, my dad would’ve killed me.

Now I will name our characteristics of the 10 of us.  Leena = wild & crazy & sexy & athletic, Jana = kind & smart sexy, Khadiga = debate expert & sophisticated, Farida = Sassy, Marta = Sassy & cute & athletic, Eleonora = athletic & always so happy, Mariam = follows fashion 24/7, Zein= drama queen, Zainab = adorable & lost in life:)....... And lastly I am... smartass & athletic & wild!!!

This is it for today!

Have a great week!!!



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